Emepê is a company focused on sustainability, integrating the environmental, social, and economic pillars, through competitive and safe processes and respect to the environment and society. That is why it has a high technology graphic park, capable of producing packages printed onto cardboard and serving all segments with the application of different types of finishes, such as UV varnish, Braille, relief, hot stamping and much more. Technologies allied to a high number of colors and shapes. Among the key items produced by Emepê, the following are worth highlighting:

  • Packages printed onto duplex/triplex/metalized/laminated cardboard;
  • Micro-undulated;
  • Blister/skin packing;
  • Displays;
  • Application of special finishes, including UV varnish;
  • Relief, Braille, holography and hot stamping;
  • Application of anti-counterfeiting techniques;
  • Handles and wrappings;
  • Development of samples (mock-ups).

Emepê considers sustainability as a strategic value and constantly seeks to become economically feasible, socially fair, and environmentally correct.

Environment and society

Every waste generated from the productive process at Emepê is destined as to preserve the environment and also meet the legislation in force. The provisions related to ISO 14001 have been broadly adopted aiming at the continuous improvement of the environmental practices. Emepê, for instance, was one of the first printing companies of packages in Brazil concerned in using chemical products that do not generate impact to the environment, also contributing with the welfare of its collaborators. It was also one of the pioneers in the adoption of certified FSC® raw-material, representing practically 100% of the total volume acquired of cardboard.

Emepê also works with the process of de-characterization of the printed material to be discarded: the material is sucked, de-characterized and stored in sealed buckets, then sent for recycling.

The FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) is an international non-profitable institution created to promote responsible forest management. The FSC® certification seeks to contribute with the proper use of natural resources, indicating that the obtainment of forest resources respect the environmental, social, and economic aspects of the region.

The integration with the community is another point worth highlighting, with frequent actions aiming at approximating the company, collaborators, and the community. All this demonstrates the concern of Emepê with the environment and the sustainable growth of the company and community where it is located.

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