About us

Emepê Indústria Gráfica e Comércio Ltda was set up in 1956 in order to meet the needs of small agricultural producers and also of the local commerce of Vinhedo, in the countryside of the state of São Paulo.

Initially a typography and stationary shop, Emepê built a strong and solid growth in the 90’s, creating the opportunity of moving to a new plant, expanded and within the concepts of environmental comfort, productivity and requirements of Good Manufacturing Practices.

Today Emepê is a modern printing company operating with quality and competitiveness, with a structure of 7.6 thousand sq. meters of built area within 25 thousand sq. meters of total area, with a modern graphic park and highly focused on sustainability.

Located in the industrial district of Vinhedo, next to the main roads and Viracopos, the most important cargo airport of the State of São Paulo, Emepê counts on substantial logistic advantage to serve customers from all over Brazil and abroad.

Roots in tradition; Rewards in
the future

With an organizational structure focused on timely meeting the needs of commercial partners, with the constant offer of innovations and complete pre and post-sale service, Emepê is a modern printing company with comprehensive and intelligent solutions to its customers – meeting both diversified and complex needs of large multinationals and traditional daily works of small and medium local companies that built the foundations of Emepê back in 1956.

A history where past and future provides users of Emepê graphic services with a fair and competent gift – available for you and your company.

Av. Fernando Piccinini, 540 ‐ Vinhedo ‐ SP ‐ CEP: 13.288-009 ‐ Pabx: 19 3826-8300